Mid Year Conference

Save the date – July 12-16 – for MYC 2021 on the topic of RESURRECTION: Living Hope.

MYC is the one week of the year that you shouldn’t miss. Students from the Christian Unions at every campus in WA get together for a life-changing 5 day residential conference in Perth where we explore God’s word, sing his praises, and enjoy each other’s company.

Join us as we dig in to the Bible together through seminars, small groups, talks, electives, and conversations over meals about RESURRECTION: Living Hope.

What are you looking forward to? The mid-year holidays? Graduating? How about dying and going to heaven?

The Bible isn’t particularly interested in any of them. The Christian hope is not living forever as disembodied spirits, but physical resurrection from the dead to live with God in a restored creation. Join us at MYC as we explore the great hope of resurrection and the diffference it makes to life now.

Our speaker is Tim Thorburn. Tim has been teaching, training and encouraging university students to follow Jesus for many years. He is one of the best Christian thinkers and speakers in Australia, and we are blessed to have him open the Bible and teach us on the topic of Resurrection.

For more information, download an MYC 2021 brochure or email myc@afeswa.info.

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Registrations have closed.

You’re welcome to join us for Visitors’ Night on Tuesday July 13, 7pm at Camp Wattle Grove. Entry is $10 on the night and is one night only. For future events, sign up for NTE or Kickstart.