Mid Year Conference

MYC 2019 is happening July 22-26 in Perth, WA.  Register below to reserve your place and join the MYC Facebook event to stay up to date.  Download a brochure.


Mid Year Conference is the one week of the year that you shouldn’t miss! Students from the Christian Unions at every campus in WA get together for a life changing time of exploring God’s word, singing his praises, and enjoying each other’s company.

Join us in exploring the Bible together through seminars, small groups, talks, electives and late night conversations over coffee and milo.

Mid Year Conference 2019 will be held over 5 days, July 22-26, in Perth on the topic of Navigating Life:

“What is God’s will for me?”
“How can I be sure I’m following God’s plan for my life?”
“What if I get it wrong?”

We instinctively believe that God will help us navigate life, but our desire for clear guidance doesn’t always match up with our experience. That’s why this year at MYC we’ll be exploring how God helps us navigate life, so you can live life with confidence.

Visitors’ night is on Tuesday July 23, from 7pm at Camp Wattle Grove.